The Grand Central Partnership Keeps Manhattan Vibrant and Profitable

Grand Central Partnership pic
Grand Central Partnership

Monday Properties founder and CEO Anthony E. Westreich oversees the leading real estate firm’s holdings in New York, New York. As an active community member, Anthony Westreich works hard to promote New York City through his position on the board of the Grand Central Partnership.

In the 1980s, many parts of the nation faced economic and physical deterioration. One of the hard-hit neighborhoods was New York’s midtown Manhattan district, especially the area surrounding the iconic Grand Central Station. Local business owners and residents banded together to restore and revitalize their neighborhood, resulting in the creation of the Grand Central Partnership.

Today, the neighborhood surrounding Grand Central Station is thriving again. The Partnership is frequently cited as an example of successful neighborhood revitalization, both at home and abroad. The people of midtown Manhattan continue to support their neighborhood through the Partnership, and now use the network to plan events, boost tourism revenues, and keep the flourishing heart of New York lively and fun.